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Feb. 26th, 2012

just shock and in denial


Just no hell of a way...

Dear X Fandom,
Please note that I've been hearing and reading from your fandom that Seishiro is Kamui's father... I hardly believe that's true. 98% of me believe that's completely false and just bizarre since CLAMP haven't said that Seishiro is Kamui's father. There is no effing way it'll ever happen. However, me being optimistic, I'll say there is a 2% of me that said it might happen in the time skip. But please, I know Seishiro/Tohru is just cracked pairing, but for heaven sakes! Seishiro is not Kamui's father! You can choose to ignore my opinion, that's just fine go ahead.
P.S. I mean could you imagine what would happen if Subaru, Kamui, and Seishiro ever got wind of it?
- If I offended anyone on this opinion, I'm sorry but I'm in denial right now.

Dec. 5th, 2011



There is another way to look at it

So, this is my first rant, third Livejournal post, and I still have barely any idea what I'm doing. So I'm very sorry if I'm doing something wrong, I would love help on learning how to use this site better.

So the endings of TRC and xxxHolic were...unexpected to say the least. And many people were quite frustrated by them, feeling a lack of closure and like it was a cheap cop-out to finish off two series.
This may not be the case, though it is a (probably) valid interpretation as well.
I liked both endings, and so I will offer up my thoughts on it.
Tsubasa's ending left us with Syaoran choosing to walk the universe, never staying in one place for very long, and leaving Sakura behind while he searches for a way to restore the clones/his parents to life. For those of us who wanted a closure like CCS had, this can feel very annoying.
But how about this?
The reason that we may not see anymore is that the first story begun is indeed brought to a close. Sakura, whether the clone or the real one, has been restored to her proper life, not missing any memories, not slowly dying from a curse. And that, whether or not we like it, is what the original plot is. And it is hard to continue a series when all the loose ends of that have been tied up. And if you think of the story as an elaborate plot just to return her missing memories/save her from death, then the goal has been concluded. There is no more reason for it to continue. And as annoying as it may be to not have closure on subplots, it does leave ends for other people to play with, more room to stretch our (lack of) writing talents.
So I was never annoyed with TRC's ending, I even found it beautiful, because of that sense of closure without closing up all the open loops. It leaves questions, yes, but would it really have been better to stretch on the story another 238 chapters to solve every loose end, leaving many of us dissatisfied with what happened?
The loose strings leave room to allow play, to allow crazy and not so crazy theories, to allow a choice in what we want.

As for xxxHolic, the ending of which I have only seen in spoilers, we last see Watanuki a hundred years later, still waiting, after everyone else he knows dies. And again, many, many people were annoyed by this. But what else is there to know? Aside from whether Yuuko comes back or not, everything we've learned is again, tied up.
And whether or not it looks like a cheap outcome, or that there was no happiness of it, and before you bring up that argument with me, I have a quote from Yuuko herself for you.
"People are strange creatures. Outsiders may look on some results and think that only sorrow came of them, while those involved are content with the outcome."
I think this is the case. Maybe there's no all consuming end that leaves everything begun tied up, but neither does it just stop. There is an ending, there is even an explanation, and as much as we may be annoyed that Watanuki didn't get to leave the shop and hook up with Doumeki/Himawari/Zashiki-Warashi/Mugetsu/Joro-Gumo, those involved are probably content with the outcome.

Also, CLAMP is probably ready to go to something new, after 238 chapters of TRC and 213 of xxxHolic, they have a combined total of...451 chapters. Or if we want to go by volumes, of which TRC has 28 and xxxHolic has 19, that's still...47. Dear gads. Before that, their longest series was X, and that stalled out at 18 1/2 books.
After that much, I'd be ready to do something new at least, though I can't personally speak for CLAMP. And since a lot of people have been complaining about X/Legal Drug/Clover not being finished, now that their brain-suckers are over, they have the time and mental energy to do something new.

So anyway, I guess this all sums up to, "Be annoyed with CLAMP if you want, complain that TRC and xxxHolic had cheap endings, but there is indeed another interpretation that can be supported besides just trying to end something they were getting tired of."

And for two much smaller, but more ranty sounding things, in letter format,

Dear X Fandom (however small you may be after this time)
I know that there's very few of you left writing, since we're up to eight years and counting after the last chapter, and I know that S/S is your favorite couple, but if you have to write that to the exclusion of all else, could you at least be more creative about it? I do not think that there should be only TWO fics that deal with Seishirou's inevitable reincarnation, when it's a perfectly valid avenue to explore. Also, more femme-slash please. I don't care who, but the amount of girl on girl there is VERY sad.
Sincerly, one of those rare fans who were too young to read X and understand it while it was being published.

And Dear xxxHolic fans.
I know that your favorite thing to do is to write Donuts, of varying skill and characterization, or lack thereof, but could we please have more Joro-Gumo? Seriously, what's not to love about a woman who was able to get a kiss off of Watanuki??? Or a character who walks around in lingerie looking hot? It is a sad day when the only two I can find are an (admittedly excellent) Joro-GumoxMermaid girl fic and my own Joro-GumoxMiyuki in the crossovers. I know that she's not part of the "holy duo of yaoi", but seeing something else for her would be much love, thankyouverymuch.
Sincerly, a fan who adores the Spider Woman in all of her creepiness.

To everyone involved, I am very sorry if I'm doing this wrong, and I'd appreciate help on doing it right.

Sep. 29th, 2011

HOLiC - Pout =3=


NEWSFLASH: Nobody's forcing you to read/watch anything CLAMP makes

Hardly anybody must be paying attention to this comm anymore, but hey, it's still there. Why not.

Okay. There's this trend in fandom that's been around since... well, since the last couple of arcs in TRC, at least. It's been slowly adding up, and now it's making me twitch every damned time I see it.


I've watched the still active CLAMP comms slowly fill up with negative comments. Now, obviously not everything's gonna be sparkles and rainbows! And some debate is good. I get that.

But when every single thing that is posted regarding CLAMP receives several comments (at least) saying how disappointed they are, whining about how something ELSE didn't get drawn/written/animated/whatever the hell else, whining about their secondary character of choice not showing up in crossover pics (every damned time, too), mocking CLAMP and saying nothing they do is good anymore, saying how they hate them, etc... It gets tiring.

It's fan comms. They're there so we can discuss and share CLAMP-related things, not so people can hate on them. I don't want to rush to a post sharing scans, being excited and thrilled about a new chapter being out... just to see dozens of comments laughing at or hating on the series, or mocking CLAMP.

Least of all if these comments're done in a generic LOL NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS way. Because you know what? Not everybody hates CLAMP! Not everyone's suffering through their series, not everybody's dreading their new mangas, not everybody wants to see them retire. Some people actually (*gasp!*) like their stuff.

Besides... What the tile says. I can't count how many people I've seen raging at their stuff, saying they were DISAPPOINTED FOREVER, that NEVER AGAIN would they trust CLAMP, that they HATED THEM UGH and SHOULD'VE EXPECTED IT and whatever the hell else... And then, the second anything new about them comes out, there they are, either contributing to the whining on the posts, or building up ridiculous expectatives that will never be fulfilled, so a few months later they can be the ones complaining instead. You don't like CLAMP? You liked some of their stuff, but not everything? You liked the older stuff, and don't like any of the newest? Then don't watch it. Don't follow them anymore. Shockingly enough, there are other mangakas in Japan. It's extremely easy to stop torturing yourselves with these so-awful-series you hate so much! Unfriend the comms, stop reading the chapters as they come out... It's so simple, and yet it seems to be such a difficult concept for so many of the "fans" nowadays.

Enough is enough.

Whee, irony of ironies, posting a rant about negative stuff in fandom.

Aug. 26th, 2011



So this comm is pretty much dead, but anyway...

I have a confession to make: I haven't read Gate 7. Nor have I finished Kobato, and nor am I likely to at any point in the near future. If CLAMP finishes Clover (or X, though the likelihood of that happening is likely approaching the negatives at this stage) then I'll read it, but I'm not planning to read anything new by them for a long long while.

I know that they can write a good story. They've done it in the past, they'll keep doing it. And I know that they can write characters and relationships that I like, and I know they have really pretty art and I know that they are, generally, quite quite amazing. I know that. It is in my head. But I still find excuses to avoid their work.

The reason? I might know all this consciously, but my subconscious is still smarting over the ending of xxxHOLiC. I still like CLAMP, but I no longer trust them. And until I do, I'm not going to emotionally invest in a story of their making. And that is sad.

Nov. 8th, 2010

SM - a short history of nearly nothing


*deep breath* In which TVTropes is wrong. Again.

Hullo! Longtime lurker etc. I actually posted this on my journal a while back, but I'd really like to get some feedback from other Chobits fans, so, without further ado:

This isn't the first time CLAMP has taken a potshot at the Internet; in Chobits, one of the many Aesops is how artificial communication and simulation is destroying society. Of course, then CLAMP gets distracted by the cute robot-girl and the point kinda peters out. (from the New Media Are Evil page)


That is not what Chobits is about.

First things first: CLAMP does not "get distracted" by Chii—she's the driving force behind the plot! The series is essentially ABOUT HER! What the hell are you talking about?!

Second, no, the series is not about technology destroying society. If that were the message CLAMP wanted to send, they could've just had Chii go nova and wipe out all the persocoms at the end, capped off with some sort of epilogue about how we're all better off now. One of the themes—at least to me—is people learning to live with technology. Ref: Yumi. The series is about people, in general. Some of those people are robots, and that's okay. It's really no different from any other "outsider acclimating to new society/culture" story, the outsiders here being both Chii and Hideki (please remember, Hideki doesn't even have a computer at the beginning of the series). Anyway, there are multiple examples of "normal" (i.e., human/human) relationships, like Shimbo and Mrs. Shimizu. Yes, her husband left her for a persocom—but is that any different from a husband leaving his wife for another woman? Like numerous other CLAMP manga, one of the other big themes is that love is love. Even if you're a robot.

Feb. 11th, 2010


(no subject)

Dear xxxHOLIC fandom.

Contains references to Ch. 199Collapse )

Feb. 9th, 2010

the name we've long held back


an open question on shitty adaptations

Why the hell does every anime adaptation of a CLAMP manga suck dicks? Like seriously? For every decent one like CCS there's a freaking trainwreck like X or Tsubasa. I think my personal least favorite adaptations would probably be Magic Knight Rayearth and X, just for the sheer characterization fail. (Let's make Hikaru into a whiny ball of emo! Let's make Subaru...emotionally stable???) Also the animation quality in both was freaking terrible. /shallow

Shitty art, shitty characterization, a near-pathological need to deviate from the established plot and spiral off into self-devouring stupidity. Just what is it about CLAMP that their manga make such awful anime? Maybe the studios just blow all the production money on hookers and smack and hire some hobos off the street with what's left over to do the writing and animation.

Nov. 16th, 2009

HOLiC - Sigh


(no subject)

CLAMP fandom,

If you want to post about how you hope a character will die (one that isn't, dunno, FWR or something), how you think CLAMP sucks, how you think their series suck, whatever, and you don't want any negative or disagreeing comments, then don't post them to a CLAMP fan community. Don't act surprised when people get mad or actually reply to them. Your hate isn't a universal fact.

No love,


P.S.: This does not mean that criticizing the authors or the canon source is OMG BAD AND CLAMP IS GOD WAH WAH!11. But there's a difference between simple criticism, or even dislike, and just plain mindless bashing.

Nov. 1st, 2009


Entitlement issues? What entitlement issues?

Where is Himawari? I miss her.
Love and impatience,

Sep. 30th, 2009

{xxxholic} OT3


(no subject)

Dear fandom,

Calm the fuck down, it's not the end of the world (hurr bad joke?). There's still the epilogue. And 'holic. Once those two are done, kindly feel free to throttle CLAMP's necks if you're displeased. Until then, stop flipping out quite so much, for the love of my flist.

A fan who actually liked the ending

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