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Welcome to CLAMP Rants, the one community where complaints regarding any CLAMP series or the CLAMP fandom in general are welcome. Believe that certain anime studio completely butchered one of CLAMP's works? Dislike the fandom's attitude toward certain a character/pairing? Can't stand the characterization of a certain character? Then this is undoubtedly the place you've been seeking all along.

Posting at clamp_rants is for members only, meaning you must be a member to post or comment. This is to prevent possible trolling and anonymous wank. Membership is also moderated, meaning that the mods must approve you before you can join. We will not accept journals that are empty, have been made too recently, have no friends, or seem like troll/dummy accounts. Also, they should be your journal, not an RP, icon, or writing one.

Unfortunately, like everything in life, this community has certain rules that should be followed by every member in order to maintain order. But worry not! They are quite simple and not really that restrictive.

1. No personal attacks whatsoever. Attacking any person, whether a member of the community or not, will automatically get you banned from the community.

2. Absolutely no spam. You spam, we ban. Simple as that.

3. Keep the debate civil, please! No tantrums or revenge posts or turning off comments. If anyone disagrees with you, handle it in a mature manner. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you post just for the sake of telling us what jerks we are, or disable comments when people aren't siding with you? You'll find yourself automatically BNANED.

4. No hotlinking. If you’re planning to use a picture or graphic in your entry, upload it to your own service.

5. If your post is quite long, please make sure to use the lj-cut feature! It is there for a reason!

6. If it's not a rant, it doesn't belong here.

7. Finally, as the title implies, this a community dedicated solely to rants concerning CLAMP; therefore, any entry concerning a non-CLAMP series will be automatically deleted.

Violation of these rules may result in post deletion and/or banning. If you don't like how we run things, feel free to leave. :')

Not bad, right?



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